Dr Aidan Foley BA MSc PhD FGS

Managing Director

Hydrogeology, Contaminated Land, Catchment Management and Environmental Forensics

Aidan is an environmental scientist with expertise in hydrogeology, contaminated land, geochemistry and catchment hydrology, in which he has over fourteen years’ experience as a consultant and research scientist. He has worked extensively on monitoring, assessment and remediation of contaminated sites; assessment of groundwater resources; and assessment of groundwater vulnerability to pollution. For the last three years he has also been delivering Catchment Based Approach water management strategies in the UK uplands. He holds a formal post with the Ministry of Justice as a hydrological expert on their environment Tribunal, and also acts as an expert witness, particularly in relation to the forensics of environmental pollution.

Aidan has  published papers on groundwater tracing and dating techniques, groundwater geophysics, groundwater vulnerability assessment and urban and landfill hydrology and holds wide-ranging interests in the environmental sciences including environmental pollution, soils, geomorphology, surface water/groundwater interaction, karst hydrology, atmospheric chemistry, climate and earth systems science in general. He has been been running EGG Consultants Ltd since 2010 and has a wide range of experience in business development, project management, regulator and client liaison and staff and student mentoring. His CV may be viewed HERE

Dr Hanna Landquist BSc, MSc, PhD

Associate: Engineering Geology, Hydrogeology, Contaminated Land, Risk Assessment

Hanna holds a BSc in Civil Engineering, an MSc in Geo-and Water Engineering, and a PhD in Environmental Risk Assessment. She has authored a number of publications in complex system modelling and uncertainty analysis in an environmental risk assessment setting, and for her PhD research she developed and applied methods and tools for assessing risks to the environment and to provide decision support on mitigation measures. Since 2008 she has taught Engineering Geology at both Bachelors and Masters level.

Her earlier work focused predominantly on hydrogeological modelling and water supply, with her Master’s thesis concentrating on the water supply of Windhoek, Namibia. Hanna has a variety of international experience with field studies conducted in Africa, North America and Europe, typically with a geological or hydrogeological focus. She is experienced in leadership and management in various settings at national and international level, and brings a deep understanding of risk assessment to our geological, hydrogeological and contaminated land projects. Her CV is available HERE.

Miranda Cowan BSc MIEEM

Associate: Ecology

Miranda is a proficient all-round ecologist with over thirteen years’ experience in conservation and development driven projects. Her central expertise lies in ecological survey and assessment with a strong botanical focus, especially application of NVC methodology and Condition Assessments for woodlands, grasslands and upland habitats. Related skills include design of methodologies to allow for repeated survey, applying quadrats, fixed point photography and analysis of data, reporting, management planning and providing guidance at all stages of a project’s evolution, from inception through to post-project monitoring. Miranda is an effective communicator and used to liaising with clients, design engineers, contractors, planners and other stakeholders to ensure a positive outcome for projects. She is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management, and her CV can be viewed HERE.

Alan Smallwood BSc MSC C.Geol C.Eng

Associate: Engineering Geology, Geotechnical Engineering, Contaminated Land

Alan has over 40 years’ experience as a field and office-based engineering geologist. He is a Chartered Engineer, a Member of the Institution of Materials, Minerals and Mining, a Chartered Geologist and Fellow of the Geological Society of London. Alan’s key experience is in engineering geological and geotechnical investigations. He typically works on the appraisal, design and construction supervision of projects such as mines and quarries, embankments, dams, tunnels and shafts, road and rail infrastructure,  buildings, and seismic and other natural hazard studies including air photo interpretation. Alan brings a wealth of experience to Environmental Geology and Geotechnical Consultants Ltd and we are delighted to have him on board. His CV may be seen HERE.

Dr Rob Low BSc MSc PhD FGS

Associate: Groundwater and Wetland Science

Dr Rob Low has 20 years professional experience as an environmental scientist, researcher and consultant, specialising in hydrogeology and wetland science. After obtaining a BSc (Physical Geography) and an MSc (Environmental Management), he specialised in hydrogeology by researching the dynamics of dissolved radon in the Chalk aquifer of East Anglia for his PhD, subsequently undertaking post-doctoral research on the controls and dynamics of groundwater storage in the Chalk.

As a consultant, Rob initially concentrated on developing his expertise in hydrogeology, and worked on a wide range of projects including large scale groundwater resource assessments (conceptual and numerical modelling) for both public supply (in the UK) and mine water supply (internationally), hydrogeological impact assessment, design and supervision of aquifer tests and investigation of smaller-scale hydrogeological problems. Over the last seven years, Rob has concentrated largely on developing his expertise in wetland science and eco-hydrology, through carrying out a wide range of projects, mainly for public sector organisations such as the Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales and Natural England. He has carried out projects which have included: investigation and characterisation of wetlands; design, installation and operation of wetland monitoring schemes, hydrogeological impact assessment for wetlands under various national & international legislative drivers; contributions to national guidelines and policy relating to wetlands; contributions to the scientific literature on wetland and related hydrogeological science.

Rob is managing director of Rigare Ltd which is an independent company established in 2008, with the aim of providing high-quality expert consultant and research services in the areas of groundwater and wetland science. His CV may be viewed HERE.

Ella Pendleton BSc MSc FGS

Associate: Hydrogeology and Wetlands

Ella has over 5 years experience in hydrogeology and wetland hydrology and an additional 8 years of scientific and technical experience working in computer programming and data analysis.

After obtaining her MSc in Hydrogeology Ella worked for Natural England as a Specialist Hydrogeologist working with local teams to understand the relationship between groundwater and wetland sites, and the impacts of groundwater usage and water quality. After leaving Natural England, Ella set up her own independent consultancy (Pendleton Hydro) specialising in groundwater abstraction, and the hydrology and restoration of wetlands. Ella’s key experience includes: water features surveying and hydrogeological assessments to support groundwater abstraction licence applications; hydrological and hydrogeological surveys of wetlands and SSSIs; design, maintenance and review of data from groundwater monitoring networks; and the development of site conceptual models to understand the impacts of quarrying and groundwater abstractions. Her LinkedIn profile contains further information and may be viewed HERE.


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