A Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA) for a commercial site in Tong Street, Bradford, was delivered in November 2016, on time and to budget.

The Yorkshire Coalfield in the area of Tong Street, Bradford, underwent widespread exploitation of both shallow and deep coal seams. The Firth’s Field Colliery was closed in 1897 after works in the Shertcliff Seam were abandoned. The Shertcliff Seam was mined in the subsurface at shallow depth of only a few metres, leaving a legacy of ground instability and collapse, with a large number of recorded adits and shafts associated with the colliery. Subsequent commercial development of the area of the Firth’s Field Colliery requires close study of ground conditions through examination of historical mapping, mine abandonment plans and intrusive ground exploration.

EGG Consultants Ltd delivered a comprehensive Coal Mining Risk Assessment of a site located on and adjacent to the former colliery, assessing numerous lines of evidence, calculating and mapping mine shaft zones of influence, establishing no-build zones and providing advice on ground stabilisation techniques and foundation design.

The project was complicated by the presence of ~6 m of overlying contaminated fill in an abandoned railway cutting crossing the site. This required a full Phase II geo-environmental site investigation with ground investigation and ground gas monitoring. EGG Consultants have conducted all regulatory liaison with the Environment Agency, the Local Authority and the Coal Authority. Development of the site is scheduled for 2017 / 2018.

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