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Phase 1 Geotechnical Desk Study & Coal Mining Risk Assessment

Geotechnical Desk Study

To carry out a desk top assessment of historical data, site geology, mining information for the site, to enable preliminary risks/hazards to be identified for any proposed developments, and to make recommendations on how to alleviate these risks. In addition, preliminary foundation and sub-structure recommendations may be made, depending on how much information is available. The geotechnical desk study can be combined with a Phase 1 Contaminated Land Risk Assessment for a full Phase 1 Geo-Environmental Desk Study.

Coal Mining Risk Assessments

In Accordance with UK Planning Guidance, all sites identified by the Coal Authority as being within a Development High Risk Area, then a Coal Mining Risk Assessment (CMRA) must be submitted with any planning application. The purpose of this report is to present a desk-based review of all available information on the coal mining legacy relevant to the site, and then propose further investigation or mitigation measures that address the coal mining legacy.

Phase 2 Intrusive Geotechnical Site Investigation

To scope and supervise appropriate Ground Investigation, to match the needs for the proposed development/assessment. The Ground Investigation will aim to collect all necessary geotechnical information related to the underlying soil/rock/groundwater regime, to allow preliminary geotechnical recommendations be established within an Interpretative Report.

Investigation will be carried out in accordance with relevant British Standards and the latest Eurocode 7 standards. Phase II investigations can be combined with required elements of a Contaminated Land Site Investigation to maximise the amount of information obtained.

Foundation Design & Inspections

Foundation Design

Using information obtained from the Phase II Ground Investigation, regarding the underlying ground conditions, an assessment for recommended foundation options can be carried out, identifying the need for either conventional shallow foundations or deep piled foundations. We can provide both factual reporting of geotechnical ground parameters, or interpretative reporting up to and including detailed foundation designs for your structure.

Foundation Inspections

Prior to design or construction of building extensions, or in relation to building subsidence or other ground-related structural issues, it may be beneficial to establish the structure of the existing building foundations. We offer excavation of foundation inspection pits to establish the layout, structure and condition of the current foundations in use, and will aid in the design recommendations for the foundations of the new structure or repairs.

Ground Settlement / Ground Subsidence Assessments & Ground Improvement Recommendations

Where there is evidence of ground settlement or ground subsidence of some form, this assessment will seek to clarify and confirm the main causes behind it.

We are also able to advise on the best ground improvement techniques suitable for sites at which the underlying soils are unsuitable for conventional foundations, or where ground settlement / ground subsidence are already a problem.

Earthwork Specifications & Materials Management

Compiled in accordance with the Manual of Contract Documents for Highways Works, Series 600 Earthworks. This Earthworks Specification establishes the parameter requirements for existing soils/rock encountered on site to be re-used as ‘earthwork fill’ for as sub-base, embankments or similar applications. In addition, the specification will identify the minimum parameters requirements for any external materials being proposed to be used on site for earthworks.

We also offer materials management for all soils/rock materials handled on site with a view to maximising reuse and minimising disposal.

Soakaway Drainage Design & Testing

To scope and supervise soakaway design and testing assessments in accordance with BRE 365, to establish whether a soakaway drainage system may be suitable for your site.


Regulator Liaison

EGG Consultants Ltd. undertake regulatory and compliance work relating to all aspects of site investigation, hydrogeology, soils and contaminated land. Our staff have a good working relationship with the Environment Agency and other regulators and work hard to ensure that clients’ projects comply with conditions and requirements set by the regulators.


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