In the summer of 2015 I did 3 weeks of work experience at Environmental Geology and Geotechnical Consultants Ltd. I am an undergraduate student studying geology. I’m interested in a career in hydrogeology and I was keen to get some practical experience.

During my time at EGG I have created a graphing tool in Open Office, which aids the interpretation of hydrochemistry data by creating clear plots (line graphs and box plots) which can be easily adapted according to the user’s needs. Source data inputted by the user (up to four datasets at once) can be compared to a seawater curve (which can be normalised to the chloride in the samples) and to local rainwater data from DEFRA’s UKEAP: Precip-Net. The tool can also be used to produce cumulative frequency plots of concentration data, with the possibility of comparing up to 4 datasets at once.

While creating and testing the tool, I used hydrochemistry data from a real site. By comparing the data from different wells I could begin to understand how the concentrations changed across the site and thus start to build up a very basic picture of the groundwater flow path.

I was excited to be able to attend the International Association of Hydrogeologists’ annual conference (see blog post) while working with Environmental Geology and Geotechnical Consultants Ltd, where I got to hear first hand about the most recent research into the field. I have enjoyed my time at EGG- attending meetings and discussing projects has given me a valuable insight into the important work they do.


Roberta Wilkinson

Geology Student, University of Cambridge

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